The Super Wealthy

The Super Wealthy (266x190)

What do Oprah, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, and Carlos Slim all have in common?  They are all uncommon people.

  • They all think outside the box.  They are not constrained by budgets or time because their vision supersedes that. They have a vision, and it is big.
  • They have harnessed the power of relationships.  They know that relationship building is critical to success, and they make having healthy relationships with the right people their job.  Some super wealthy people never went to college, and some did.  Regardless of whether they did or didn’t, they understand the value of building relationships.  THAT was their education. The ones that did not go to college were mentored and taught how to build bridges to people and how to sustain them.  The ones that did go to college didn’t go to get their degree so they could get a job.  They went to college to learn, of course, but more importantly, they went to find their passion, or expand their passion, and to build relationships that would fulfill their passion. Look at the number of Presidents and industry leaders that have gone to Harvard and Yale, for instance.  You think that is a coincidence? I don’t think so.  It is pretty obvious.
  • They understand that you have to have more than just a vision of what you want.  If that is all you have, you are just a dreamer.  The world is filled with dreamers.  Just look at the millions of people that line up for the Lotto, hoping and dreaming of winning.  My father-in-law spent a fortune on Lotto tickets.  We found a barrel full of tickets in his home after he passed away.  He literally spent a fortune on Lotto tickets…hoping for his big payday to come in.  What a waste.  The super wealthy know that along with vision, you have to have the commitment to work and an unwavering desire to achieve it. Otherwise, you might as well get in line at the 7-11 for your ticket. Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
  • They are optimists and opportunists.  They are positive, can-do people that find a way over, around, and through the obstacles that they face.  They don’t whine.  They don’t have poor me parties.  They don’t make excuses.  They take responsibility for their dreams and stay focused.  They shake off disappointments and defeats, knowing they are one step closer to their goal. They find a way to make things happen when most people would have thrown in the towel. They don’t go looking for opportunities.  We will have thousands of opportunities that will come to us in our life. Most of them are not worth our time.  The key is recognizing the RIGHT opportunities and latching onto them like a bulldog on a bone. That is an art that the super wealthy are very good at.  They all have the gift of discernment when it comes to financial issues, then they act upon it and commit to it.
  • The super wealthy people of this world have super wealthy friends.  The poor people of this world have poor friends.  You are a reflection of who you hang with.  Want to change your circumstances?  You might have to change your circle of friends.  Seek to be with people that you aspire to be like.
  • They have all learned to manage their money, instead of their money managing them.  They all have debt, but their debt is controlled and does not control them.  As long as debt is your master, you will never master your dreams.
  • Being wealthy is not just a matter of accumulating money.  It is having a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of experience,  a wealth of understanding, and a wealth of desire and drive. With that, the money comes.

There are three basic types of people that you can put everyone on the planet into:

  • The doers. These are the movers and shakers.  They are decision makers, leaders, influencers.  They are the ones that make things happen.  They cast the vision and command the ship.
  • The wanna-be doers. These people have the desire to be a doer, but lack the skills or the self-confidence to be a doer.  Often times they have the ability, they just don’t know it yet.  That is where a doer can help them by mentoring them and elevate their thinking.
  • The watchers. Unfortunately, a large portion of our population falls into this category.  These are the ones looking for the hand out.   They are lazy, apathetic, and are takers by nature.  They expect the doers to take care of them and have a twisted desire to have things that they did not earn and are unwilling to work for.

So, are you ready to Think And Grow Rich, as Napoleon Hill wrote? Are you ready to be a doer?  The real question is, are you willing to change your thinking and then actually do what it takes to succeed?  It begins with your mind, and then you simply have to go to work.  I have to remember that “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”


Dan Skognes

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