Are You A Beggar Or A Baron?

Are You A Beggar Or A Baron

I am not talking about pride or arrogance.  I am talking about how you see yourself and as a result, how others see you.  Do you approach customers with a beggar’s mentality that you are desperate for a sale?  Do you bend over backwards, sideways, and upside down to make the client happy while sacrificing your own dignity?

Now wait a minute.  I can hear you thinking, Dan does not know my situation.  If he were in the financial chaos that I am in, he would be begging too.  Well, for those of you who think that, you would be wrong.

How you see yourself is how others are going to see you. It is so easy in this world to beat yourself up and think that the only way out is to get on your knees and beg for business.  I am suggesting that you break that mirror.  Get rid of that image and start seeing yourself winning. See yourself getting the deal, making the customer happy, but retaining your dignity and self-respect.

A Baron (or Baroness) does not beg.  Why?  They know who they are.  They set the expectation for how people will be allowed to treat them.

What do you do when a customer stands you up for a confirmed appointment?  Do you get mad?  Stew about it?  Get depressed?  What does that accomplish?  Nothing good.

Let me suggest that when that happens, leave a note and a phone message if possible letting them know that you were there on time for your confirmed appointment, and to please call to reschedule.  If the client is a decent person and this was an honest mistake, they will call you and you still have an opportunity for a sale.  If they don’t call you back, you did not have a sale to begin with.  Move on.  Let it go.  Brush the dust off your shoes and say, “Next.”

I realize that is hard to do. I am the type of person that would never stand somebody up intentionally, and if I ever did, I would be apologizing over and over, because I know firsthand how that feels.

I had one lady that I had a confirmed appointment with that actually stood me up twice!  I drove over an hour each way to meet with her each time.  That one really frosted me because I confirmed both appointments the day before, and she had my name and number to reschedule if necessary.  So, I am telling you that because even if you do everything right you are going to run into knuckleheads out there.

Don’t let them steal your joy.  Shake it off, bless them instead of cursing them, and move on to your next client.  After all, you never know what is going on in their life.  They might just be dealing with a tragedy that they are struggling with and can’t talk about.   We all have our issues. Right?

Even if they don’t deserve it, bless them.  I guarantee you that they will not expect a blessing from you when they have behaved so rudely.  Try dropping them a note to let them know you were praying for them.  Don’t be sarcastic about it, be sincere. That will shake them up.  LOL.

The only word of caution with someone like that is if you are going to try to meet with them again after they stood you up the first time, they should come to you on your terms at your convenience.  That way if things go south again you did not drive across town and waste your time and gas.

So which are you, a Baron or a Beggar?  Everyone wants to be the Baron, but it is up to you to change that perception.  Here is to you, your Highness.


Dan Skognes

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