The Language of Kids

The Language of Kids dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorIf you have ever taught kids, you know what I am talking about. You are giving a lesson to the class and you ask them if they understand. You have 27 heads nodding yes, and you know that most of them have no clue. They are nodding yes because they don’t want to look stupid, they want to fit in, and they want you to be proud of them.

Kids have an inherent need to feel accepted. They want to know that they belong, they matter, and their voice is heard no matter if it is a whisper or a shout. Kids want to know that someone really cares about them. Sadly, many kids do not get positive reinforcement at home. Many of them are ignored or abused. Many are made to feel that they are not a blessing…but a curse…and then they get dressed and come to school.

The language of kids is really simple. If you want to reach kids, you have to show them you care. You have to listen to them, engage them, encourage them, and have fun with them. You have to laugh with them, cry with them, and above all…be there for them. Kids are really pretty simple people. If you give them just an ounce of encouragement and support, they will grow, but if you pour out encouragement and support for them, they will thrive…even when they don’t get it at home.

You may be the home they have been longing for. Give kids your best because some day they will understand and appreciate what you have done. You may not be around to appreciate it, but your kids, your grandchildren, and their kids may be the very ones to benefit from the seeds you plant today in the hearts of the kids you teach.

The language that kids speak is really very simple. It is the language of love.


Dan Skognes

6 Responses to “The Language of Kids”

  1. Almas says:

    Dan, you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one! Superb. If only more teachers and parents were listening.

  2. queendjh says:

    I’m a little slow catching up on my reading, but the article about kids was a wonderful article. Sadly, the very same things you described about the needs of children, adults grow-up lacking those unmetneeds. As adults they go after getting what they need from anyone, and stay in situations where abuse lives, both verbal and physical and it is risky but then what looks risky to me may not look risky to someone else.

    • Dan Skognes says:

      That is true. If kids don’t learn how to love and respect themselves and others…they grow up into dysfunctional adults. Unfortunately, the world is full of them. I am trying to change them….one child at a time. Shalom! Dan

  3. Alpha says:

    I just cant thank God enough for such posts. I keep sharing with my co-workers and we are blessed. God bless you Dan.

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