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Perhaps you are a benchwarmer by choice, and perhaps you are there because you just don’t have the skills to compete.  If you are in sales or sales management, you were BORN to compete.  You are wired to WIN.  So why are you on the bench?

Principle 1:  Benchwarmers have potential, but potential does not translate to winning the game.  We all have potential.  Some of us have natural talents and abilities that help us win more than we lose.  In baseball, if you bat 300 you are a hall of famer.  That is striking out 2 out of 3 times.  We have to strike out before we hit the home runs.  Take the swings.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Principle 2: Benchwarmers need a good coach.  If you find yourself sitting on the sidelines watching others winning the game, get on a team with a coach that will help you, guide you, encourage you, challenge you, and kick your butt when necessary.  Most good coaches I have had in life have walked in my shoes and made all the mistakes I have encountered.  Listen to them.  Watch them.  Follow their lead.  I tell new recruits…”If you are teachable and coachable, I will help you succeed.  If you are not, then you are on your own.  I can’t help someone that does not want to be helped, but I will go to the ends of the earth to help someone that is self-motivated and open to learning.”

Principle 3: Benchwarmers need to hone their skills.  If your job is worth doing, do it well.  Be a professional.  Continually read and work on your sales skills.  I don’t care how long you have been doing your job.  Everyone needs to continue to learn and grow.  If you think you know it all, you will find yourself in a very small club….because nobody knows it all.

So, are you in the game?  Are you working on your skills on a daily basis?  Are you fully engaged, or are you sitting on the bench watching others do what you could and should be doing?  If you are sitting there, what are you doing?  Seriously, get off your butt, and get busy.  If you want your life to have impact and meaning not only for yourself but for others, get off the bench.  Get in the game.  I am pulling for you.


Dan Skognes

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