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We live in a world of dream stealers.  Have you ever shared a dream you had with a well-meaning friend and had them throw cold water all over it?  Why do people do that to others?  They will tell you, “Oh, I tried that and it did not work out so well.”  Or, “I heard that they were not a reputable group to work with.”  Or, “I don’t think you are cut out for that.”

Don’t listen to them.  It is bad enough when you listen to a dream stealer, but are you your own dream stealer?  Do you talk yourself out of trying before you even start?  Don’t do that.  Don’t miss the opportunity to find your destiny.  Make your dreams come true. They won’t come true if you don’t believe in them, and they definitely won’t come true if you don’t pursue them.

Principle 1.  If you have a dream that you are passionate about, don’t let anyone or anything talk you out of it.  Stay focused.  Don’t lose your faith. Believe in yourself, and believe in your dream.

Principle 2.  God has given you a dream that is unique to YOU.  It is your job to figure out what that is and then pursue it with all your heart.

Principle 3.  Dream stealers are not winners.  Why listen to someone that is trying to bring you down instead of build you up?  Find people who can share your dream to encourage you.

Principle 4.  If you have a dream, and you want it to come true, you have to have a plan and an unwavering desire to achieve it.  Persevere and stay the course over, around, and through the obstacles that would hold you back.

When someone asks you how are you doing, do you want to say, “OK?” or would you rather reply with a smile, “Living the dream!”

Dream it.  Believe it.  Pursue it.  Live it.  Here is hoping that you guard your dreams as something sacred….because they are.  They are what you were created for.

P.S.  Please note that there is a difference between a dream and a fantasy.  A dream is something that God has given you.  A fantasy is believing you can sing like Celine Dion and you really sound like a cat that is being skinned.  I hope you know the difference. If you don’t, ask someone who is NOT family to tell you.  You don’t want to end up on the blooper reel of America’s Got Talent. LOL.


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