Lessons From Laila And Molly

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I love my dogs.  They are more fun than most people I know.  They love us unconditionally, and they have the ability to get very excited over the little things in life…like taking a ride in the car.  You would think they had won the Dog Lotto and were getting Milk Bones for life.  They run around the room when we are getting ready to go, and are so excited I can hardly get their collars on.  It is hilarious to watch them.

We try to take them to the dog park regularly because they love the journey and the destination.  They hang their heads out the window and just love the air in their face.  When we get to the park, the first thing they do is to greet all the other dogs.

They also have the uncanny ability to sleep most of the day.  Apparently, they need that much rest, but I marvel at their ability to just lay down any time and any place and fall asleep.

Lessons I have learned from my dogs:

Lesson 1.  Love unconditionally.  Express your love to others every time you see them and express it with your whole heart, expecting nothing in return.

Lesson 2.  Take joy in the little blessings in life that come your way.  I am not saying to stick your head out the window if you are driving, but if you are the passenger…go for it.

Lesson 3.  Take joy in meeting new people and seeing old friends.  There is vitality and life in community.  Give to it and you will receive from it.

Lesson 4.  Enjoy the journey AND the destination.  Count your blessings along the way.  You have a lot to be thankful for.

Lesson 5.  I don’t want to advise you to sleep all day.  We don’t need to rest that much, but we do need to learn to relax and get the rest we need….any time, any place.  Naps are your friend.

There is a reason that dogs are called Man’s Best Friend.  They will stick by you when everyone else has abandoned you.  Love them and learn from them.  They are a wonderful gift that God has given to us to encourage us, to love us, and to teach us to love unconditionally.  After all, that is how God loves us.


Dan Skognes

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