What Are Your Mountains?

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Everybody has mountains in their lives.  Sometimes they are real, and sometimes they are imagined.  If you were a mountain climber and we were talking about your recent climb of Mt. Everest, now THAT is a mountain.  Nobody would dispute that fact.

The problem with most of us is that our mountains…even the imagined ones, are real to US.  One of our daughters called on the phone some time ago and she was in tears.  She was sobbing so hard we could hardly understand her.  She was talking about her trip to the dentist and how he had shaved her front teeth to straighten them, and now there was this HUGE gap between her teeth.  She was NEVER going to be able to smile again.  I was having a mental image of the Grand Canyon.

We calmed her down on the phone and told her to come on over.  We wanted to see for ourselves what this knucklehead dentist had done to our daughter.  When she came in, she was still crying and very upset.  We finally got her to smile for us.  Good Lord, it was beautiful!  This “Grand Canyon” between her teeth made her smile beautiful.  It was perfect.  All that drama for nothing.  She finally accepted the fact that we were telling her the truth and her smile was fine.

Principle 1.  Mountains we face are real to us.  It does not matter if others see it or not.  We have to come to grips with the mountains we face and climb them.

Principle 2.  Ignoring mountains does not make them go away.  If you have an obstacle in your path, whether it is in your relationships, in your finances, your business, or whatever, you have to deal with it.

Principle 3.  Manage your mountains, or your mountains will manage you.  Years ago (before I married my wife) she was going through a depression, dealing with the death of her husband.  She came to the conclusion, “I can lay here and die, or I can get up and try.”  I am glad she decided on the latter.  Sometimes all we can do for a day is to try, to take one step.  If it is a positive step, make yourself take it!

Principle 4.  Some mountains are molehills.  Admit it.  When you find yourself blowing it into something bigger than it is, take a deep breath and ask someone who is not emotionally charged to look at it.  If you have a tendency to blow things out of proportion anyway, don’t trust your own instincts.  Ask for help from a professional if necessary.  Panic attacks are a very real disorder, but treatable.  Just don’t cause everyone else to panic when you have yours.

So, what mountains are you facing today?  Are they real or imagined?  Are you managing them, or are they managing you?  My hope for you today is that you take at least one positive step in climbing your mountains.  The view at the top is AWESOME!

P.S.  When you come into agreement with God’s grace, mountains move.


Dan Skognes

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