The Vision of Two Stones

The Vision of Two Stones dan skognes insurance finance investments motivation blogger speaker entrepreneur telemedicine cadr (259x194)

I have a vision of two stones.  They are constantly changing size.  One is flat and one is more rounded with sharp edges.  As one grows in size, the other one grows smaller.

The flat stone represents my faith, and the rounded one represents my problems.  It seems that the only way to diminish the size of my problems is to increase my faith, and my faith requires action.  It demands that I move towards and face my problems head on.

Funny how when we confront our problems, they often are not as big as we thought they were.  Sometimes, however, they are giants that have to be slain, and the only way to slay them is to be fearless…and that takes faith, preparation, and action.

If our faith is large enough, we can move mountains.  In fact, in only takes faith the size of a mustard seed (which is one of the smallest seeds on earth) to move an entire mountain.  If that is true, then why do we not move mountains?  Why do we allow the problems of life to become mountains which is some instances are even life threatening? We allow them to become more than stumbling blocks.  We allow them to become Mt. Everest, and we are trying to scale it alone, with no support, no equipment, and improper training.

I think it boils down to two things.  One is lack of trust.  We don’t believe that God is going to come through for us and help us through the crisis (even though He has done so countless times in the past).  The second one is fear.  We allow fear to paralyze us from moving forward.  Doing nothing in a crisis makes no sense at all, and yet that is what many people do because of fear of the unknown.

To fear less, we have to become fearless.  We have to take a step of faith in some direction.  Waiting on God does not mean being lazy.  It does not mean sitting and doing nothing.  We still have to move.  We still have to work.  Waiting on God really means hearing God.  The problem is not God’s.  He is waiting on US to do something.  When we move and seek His face, His wisdom, His peace, His direction, and His strength, then and only then will we see His direction and his deliverance.

To stand in faith is active and always moving forward.  When we retreat in fear, our faith abandons us and we are at the mercy of our problems.  Let’s put our fears aside, put our faith in action, and tackle life with a fresh focus and vigor.  When we do that, mountains will move, darkness will flee, and bonds will be broken.

Without faith, it is impossible to ever please God, and faith without action is just empty words.  Let go of your fear, and let God move the mountains you face today.  Quit trying to move them yourselves. Only God is big enough, and you and I are not God.


Dan Skognes

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