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 I realize this will really date me, but when I was growing up, there was a song that was called “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”  LOL.  Now THERE is a topic that has no answer!  We won’t even attempt to chase THAT rabbit trail.

What I do want to answer is “The Why” that makes you and I do the things we do.  What motivates us to do things that sometimes we don’t understand ourselves?  What drives us? What frustrates us? What stimulates us? What causes us to make decisions one way or another?

When you are looking at yourself in the mirror, how do you answer this question:  “Why are you doing what you are doing for a living?”  That could be answered a thousand ways, but probably only a handful of reasons might actually be the real reasons you are doing what you are doing. Common answers might be, “To make money.  Because it was the only thing I could find to do at the time. Or, I just needed a job of some sort.”  None of those will ever fulfill you, however.

If you can identify your why, you are on the right track to finding your destiny.  This is a complicated issue, and I claim to be neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist, but knowing yourself is a pretty basic need that we have to come to grips with in order to be fulfilled.

In my case, I like the opportunity to make unlimited income. I like serving and connecting people.  I enjoy building teams and multiplying their efforts.  But you know what a very basic reason is?  I discovered I am pretty good at it.  People seem to like me and trust me, and that energizes me.  My clients appreciate the fact that I am not just a slam-bam-thank-you-Mam type of consultant, but I am there for the long haul.  I truly care about them, their families, their business, and their future…and they know it. They know that I seek to serve them.

The same holds true for my blogging.  I have been told that I am pretty good at it.  I enjoy giving the gift of encouragement and having the ability to express it in writing.  It makes me come alive when I create a blog.  What amazes me is how using that gift not only energizes me but touches the hearts of people around the world.  With the internet, it truly is a small world after all.

I love connecting people both professionally and personally.  That is why I gravitated to sales, training, and consulting.  That is why I blog regularly….to build and sustain relationships, and to encourage others.  That is how I am wired.   That is my why.

What if we just kept our gifts to ourselves?  We would be missing the personal blessing of being fulfilled in our lives, and we would be missing the opportunity of being a blessing to others.  You have to identify your why, then use the gifts God has given you.  That is like realizing you have been given a present, and now you are ready to unwrap it.  When you open it up, you discover that you have something not only for you, but something to share with others.  That is an awesome way to live. For me I found that true living is giving.

So, what is YOUR WHY?


Dan Skognes

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