Work Smarter

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4 Responses to “Work Smarter”

  1. Luqman Michel says:

    Yes, work smarter and harder. One person had at one time said ‘Work smarter and not harder’ and a whole lot of people quoted him without thinking.

  2. When I tell my students this, I am talking about eliminating the unproductive, time wasting things that they do that pull them down as students. I also tell them to do all the work, all the time, and give every assignment, quiz, test, etc. their best effort. The issue for the students that I tutor is that they ARE working harder, just not at anything that is going to help them succeed. They do need to work smarter and not harder.

    • i agree with everything you said except the last line. I just know that when you couple working smarter with working harder you reach heights you never thought attainable. Thanks for the feedback. Have a blessed day. Dan

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