Touched By An Angel

This is not about the TV show that was on many years ago. This is about a true life Angel that I work with. I had back surgery on Good Friday and came back to work on the following Tuesday. It was probably pushing it to come back that soon, but the rep for the medical device company told me that I would be able to resume work by Monday if I wanted to.

It turns out the Doctor recommends taking it easy for at least two weeks after surgery, but that was not communicated. Tuesday was a long day…no doubt. As I was doing my cafeteria duty, one of the teachers in my school came over to give me a hug and check on me. She asked me why I was back at work so soon. I told her I had used up my days off to go on the mission trip to Guatemala in December, and I burned up my last day on Monday to give me one more day of rest.  She said: “I have nine remaining days off. They are yours if you want them.” Wow!

When someone does something so unselfish, what do you do? It made me tear up. I laughed and told her, “It is not good to make an old man cry.” She reassured me that I could have her days off if I needed more time to recuperate. I thanked her profusely but told her I would only do that if it were a dire emergency. The act of her unselfish kindness made my day. It literally lifted my spirits at a time when I was getting pretty tired.

Things I learned:

  • People who advise you don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart (the sales rep).
  • Sometimes you don’t get the advice you need (the Doctor).
  • Even in difficult circumstance good things can happen (the Angel).
  • Angels are among us. She may not be an Angel in Biblical terms, but at the very least she is a Saint in my book.

I am truly grateful that we have a great team of people to work with. We have our issues from time to time, but when someone needs help, they are there.


Dan Skognes

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