Food for Thought

Isn’t it ironic:

  • That a small rudder can control a mighty ship, but we can’t seem to control our tongues?
  • That we can know the right thing to do and then choose not to do it?
  • That we instinctively want to be served, yet we neglect serving others?
  • That we fail to prepare for the unexpected and then are blindsided when it happens?
  • That some people don’t make the same mistake twice…they make it like fifty times just to be sure?
  • That we expect life to be fair despite all the evidence to the contrary?
  • That some people see stumbling blocks where others see stepping stones?
  • That some people would rather live in constant drama and turmoil rather than live in peace and contentment?
  • That some people are never satisfied even when they have it all?
  • That we pay crazy money to those who entertain us, but neglect the ones who educate us and protect us?
  • That there are leaders who mistake management for leadership?
  • That some people can believe in hell yet don’t believe in God?
  • That people can underestimate the power of love and overestimate the power of evil?
  • That some people still haven’t learned how to forgive themselves or others?
  • That people can put more value on being right than having relationship?
  • That there are people who will love things and use people?
  • That some parents neglect their children then wonder why they are so angry and are constantly in trouble?
  • That some kids are given unrestricted access to the internet, then we wonder how they lost their innocence?
  • That we can forget to invest our time and energy in children?
  • That some people don’t accept responsibility for their words and actions and then blame others for their problems?
  • That everything we love to eat seems like it is bad for us?
  • That anything fried is like a drug calling our name?
  • That a woman can remember everything wrong that a man has done but she can’t remember where she put her glasses?


Dan Skognes

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