What’s Right With America

Whats Right With America dan skognes insurance finance investments motivation blogger speaker entrepreneur (320x189)

It is pretty easy to see the flaws in the American fabric, but I want to take a moment and think about the greatness of this country. Too often we concentrate on what is wrong vs what is right.

  • We still have freedoms that most countries only dream of.
  • We have the ability to create wealth and work in the field of our choosing.
  • We have one of the most diverse and beautiful counties in the world.
  • In spite of what the media says, we have the best healthcare in the world.
  • Our standard of living is far above the norm for most people on this planet.
  • We have education facilities that are the envy of most counties.
  • We are still a country of givers and give billions to help other countries.
  • We are still a country founded on faith in God.

Even with all the flaws, we still have a great country.  I am thankful to have been born here and to live here.  I am concerned about the future of our country, but one thing I know, we are a resilient people who have been through a lot in our short history.  We have come from all over the world and found a home that embraces our diversity.  We cherish freedom partly because we have had so much of it, we see the lack of it in other countries, and we recognize that God has His hand on us and is blessing us.

That is a double-edged sword of responsibility.  If we take our freedoms for granted, or worse…abuse them, then they will be taken from us.  But, if we protect and value our freedoms and use them for the betterment of not only our country, but the world, then I believe our future is bright.  We have hope for tomorrow as long as we don’t self-destruct.

God Bless America.


Dan Skognes

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