Sometimes He Moves The Mountain

Sometimes He Moves The Mountain dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator1

Sometimes He moves the mountain

And sometimes He moves me

Sometimes He calms the raging storm

And sometimes He calms me

Sometimes He shows me what to do

And sometimes He says, “Have faith.”

Sometimes He asks the impossible

And sometimes he says,”Wait.”

Sometimes He gives me obstacles

And sometimes the road is smooth

Sometimes He helps me win the game

And sometimes He lets me lose

Sometimes He gives the key to me

And sometimes He locks the door

Sometimes He says, “That is enough.”

Sometimes He says, “Give more.”

Sometimes I wonder where He is

And sometimes I feel alone

Sometimes I wonder if He cares

And sometimes I just moan

But God is there on the mountain top

He’s there in the valley too

He’s there when the waters overwhelm

He’s there when I’m feeling blue

He’s there when the evil one’s tempting me

He’s there when I‘ve fallen away

He’s there to hold me close to Him

He’s there both night and day

He’s there when I am questioning

He’s there when my faith is small

He’s there when I have given up

He’s there whenever I call

He’s there when darkness has me blind

He’s there to light my way

He’s there to love me no matter what

He IS there come what may


Dan Skognes

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