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  1. I have read this ‘..if you forgive others it is yourself that is being set free’ and I believe it is being overused and lost its effect on me.
    I am fed up with so called professors who tell me I don’t have the basic to discuss matters which I believe I know. Perhaps much more than them.
    I am fed up with a group of professors who don’t respond to questions on emails and on their blogs. Bu they visit my blog and use material in my blog to prepare a programme which will be out soon.
    I am fed up with a so called Remediation Teacher who has told me off 2 years ago as a result of which I left LinkedIn. She has started wagging her tail again without reading what I write about and here you go writing about forgiveness.

  2. Yes, I too have done some bible reading where Jesus had said ‘when a man slaps you on your right cheek turn to him the other also, if a man ask you for your coat….”. But I also have read about Jesus turning the table used by the money changers in the temple.
    Sometime, I wish I could go back to what I have always been and not be controlled by this ‘politeness’ thing. I now ask myself what can go wrong if I do just that.

    I know the answer to questions left unanswered by so called experts on Children of the code and I want the world to know and thereby reduce illiteracy.
    I quote a wise man who said something to the effect of – Most of us are in the fourth quarter of our lives -. Yes, I am in that quarter and I want to pass on as much of what I have learned to any who has an open ear.

  3. DonnaLiane says:

    Hi Daniel. Just read this after spending a few months working on my forgiving attitude and trying to lose resentment. Because it’s one thing to want to forgive and another to truly achieve it: and as you said, for your own sake as much as the other person. What I found helpful is to pray for the grace to truly forgive, and if needed, fast too. Resentment shouldn’t control your heart. Secondly pray for the other person as well and accept their human frailty. Thirdly pray as often as needed the Litany of Humility (Cardinal Merri De Val) as it’s often pride which the devil uses to cause this lack of Holy love. Lastly offer the other a word or act of kindness in some way; even better if completely undeserved. That is the way to be set free and to do the Lord’s Will. Any time it’s hard, ask Him for help!

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