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Life is a challenge, isn’t it?  It is like we have the compass (we know where we want to end up), we just don’t know how to get there.  What we need is a map!  Of course, a GPS would work too; however, a GPS has been known to be wrong.

I was using my GPS one time to find a client in a remote area outside of Dallas.  I drove for an hour to get there.  When it said you are HERE, I was not a happy camper.  All around me were empty fields.  There was not a house in sight, and my cell phone was out of range. I had to drive back to an area where my cell phone worked to get the client on the phone and get specific directions on where they lived. So much for modern technology.

When it comes to accuracy, give me an old fashioned map.  I want to see the intersections that are ahead of me and what cross streets to be looking for. Is there a map for our lives?  Is there a way for us to navigate life and not get side-tracked or lost?  Well, actually, there is a very accurate map.  It is called the Bible: God’s Holy Word.

The Bible is not just a history book, although it is that as well.  The Bible is alive.  It is God’s living Word.  It has practical instructions and directions for every obstacle you will face in life.  The good news is that God loves us and wants us to live an abundant life.  It is not just directions for getting to Heaven.  It is about navigating the hills and valleys of life.The Bible is God’s map and instruction book.  We just have to read it, believe it, and live it!

It is funny to me that so many people have never read the Bible and scoff at those that do.  Why would anyone choose to walk in darkness when there is a light available to show them the way?  Frankly, I don’t get that at all.

My prayer for you is that you come to understand God’s love.  The Bible is a mystery that God wants to reveal to you.  Just ask God to help you understand what you are reading.  He gave us the perfect tutor…His Holy Spirit.  Once you have the map (the Bible), and the guide (the Holy Spirit), you are on your way to finding your purpose, your peace, and your provision.


Dan Skognes

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