Will Someone Please Translate?


Do you have the same problem that I have?  Understanding the opposite sex is like joining the army.  It is not a job, it’s an adventure!  LOL.  That goes for both sexes.  Men don’t really have a great understanding of women and women don’t really understand men. 

In My Fair Lady, there is a famous song that is worth repeating.  This is the last refrain of the song, Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man?

Why can’t a woman be more like a man?
Men are so decent, such regular chaps;
Ready to help you through any mishaps;
Ready to buck you up whenever you’re glum.
Why can’t a woman be a chum?

Why is thinking something women never do?
And why is logic never even tried?
Straightening up their hair is all they ever do.
Why don’t they straighten up the mess that’s inside?

Why can’t a woman behave like a man?
If I was a woman who’d been to a ball,
Been hailed as a princess by one and by all;
Would I start weeping like a bathtub overflowing,
Or carry on as if my home were in a tree?
Would I run off and never tell me where I’m going?
Why can’t a woman be like ME?

Well there you have it.  The problem that men and women have is summed up in the last sentence.  Men want women to think like them, and women want men to think like them.  Only problem is….it ain’t gonna happen folks.  The differences are more than just physical.  We are wired differently.  And you know what?  It is a GREAT thing that we are different.  This would be a boring world if we were all alike.  God knew what He was doing. Quit trying to change each other and celebrate one another.  That is God’s creation that you are messing with. He loves both of us as we are.  We just need to do the same.

Now, if I could just figure out why my wife cries at the mention of our deceased dog that died many years ago, I would be able to solve the problems of the world.  LOL. Bottom line is, we will never really understand since men think with their brain, women think with their heart.  We just need to learn to use a little of both, and then we would have a clue as to how to relate and celebrate one another.

Here is to understanding each other, accepting one another, and loving one another.  By the way, there is a REASON that when God told Solomon that he could have anything he desired, Solomon said he wanted wisdom.  If you had 700 wives and 300 concubines….what would YOU ask for?  LOL.


Dan Skognes

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  1. Elizabeth Lau says:

    Very true, women think with their heart and men think with their brain. We just need to learn to use a little of both, so we would have a clue as to how to relate and celebrate one another and then the World will be a better place to live.

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