Whiners and Winners

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I remember a skit that was on TV many years ago. I think it was on Saturday Night Live, and they called it The Whiners.  It was about a family of Whiners.  They whined about EVERYTHING.  They whined about the weather, their jobs, their hobbies, their time, their neighbors, each other. Get the picture?  They whined all the time about everything.

It was funny to watch, but pretty sad to realize that there are real people who act like that.  You may know someone like this.  They literally can suck the life out of you before you know what hit you.  They are fun suckers.  They make you want to run the opposite direction as fast as you can.

What is the real difference between winners and whiners? I think it boils down to perception, attitude, and perseverance.

  • Whiners make excuses, winners make a way.
  • Whiners don’t take chances.  Why should they?  They will never win, right?  Winners forge forward and take calculated risks, and reap the rewards.
  • Whiners hang out with whiners.  Winners hang out with winners.  Neither one likes to be around the other one for obvious reasons.
  • Whiners see the future as scary and uncertain.  Winners see the future as exciting and filled with opportunities.
  • Whiners are pessimists.  Winners are optimists.
  • Whiners go in circles and never seem to learn from their mistakes.  Winners make mistakes, but they learn and grow.  They explore new frontiers. They blaze trails where no man has gone before.  Whiners never get on board. Winners are Trekkies.  LOL
  • Whiners are ungrateful and never seem satisfied. Winners are thankful and have an inner peace, regardless of what they have because they know who they are and are driven to excel.  If a winner lost round one, they are gonna win round two, count on it. If they lose round two, look out round three. Setbacks and obstacles are part of the game. They keep focused on the goal.  Whiners never had a goal, so how could they ever achieve it?
  • Whiners quit before they start.  Winners win before they start.  It starts in the mind.
  • Whiners focus on themselves, it is all about them.  Winners are “other” focused.  They take care of themselves, but they have their priorities in order and realize that the world does not revolve about them. Winners understand that in putting the needs of others first, life has a way of rewarding them.
  • Whiners say they can’t.  Winners say they can.
  • Whiners lose.  Winners win.

So why would anyone choose to be a whiner?  Good question.  It is ridiculous when you look at the possibilities and rewards of being a winner vs. a whiner.  If you or someone you know is caught up in the whiner mentality, STOP THE MADNESS.  Get your brain washed, for Pete’s sake! You know the old saying, Garbage In, Garbage Out?  That is wrong.  Garbage In, Garbage Stays.  Start taking OUT the Garbage!

Turn off the negative feeds in your life.  What are you feeding your mind daily?  Is it positive, or is it negative.  Are you hanging with positive people?  If not, as Jeff Foxworthy would say, “Here’s your sign.” It is time that you take out the Garbage.  It has a way of stinking up the home, you know.


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