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Don’t you wish that life was like the Wheel?  I remember calling a lady one time for an appointment, and I suggested that we meet at 6:30 PM.  She said, “You can’t come at that time.  Wheel is on!”  This show is addicting to millions of Americans.  It is the daily routine for countless people who play along with Pat and Vanna.  What a job Vanna has!  Can you believe she gets paid for touching letters that have been called?  Good grief.  I want a job like that.  Give me a face lift and a toupee.  I promise I can spell.

Anyway, I was thinking about the Wheel of Life.  Wheels have spokes, and each spoke is important to keep the wheel rolling and to do it’s part in supporting the wheel.  If you were to divide your life into spokes, it might look something like this:

Spoke 1: My family.

Spoke 2. My friends.

Spoke 3. My work.

Spoke 4. My hobbies.

Spoke 5. My alone time.

Spoke 6. My pets. (Vicki made me put this one on the list…LOL)

Hmmmm.  Is anything jumping out at you?  My, my, my. It is pretty focused on me, is it not?  What is missing is the hub.  The hub is the part of the wheel that all the spokes connect to.  That is either going to be God….or something else that you have put in God’s place.  Perhaps money?  Fame? Or even one of the spokes?  Spokes are good things….but they are still spokes.

Look at your own life.  Is it balanced?  Do you enjoy all aspects of your life, or is there something missing?  If there is something missing, my first question is, what is your hub?  What is the central focus of your life?  If you take one of the spokes and try to make it the hub, how is that working for you?  Can a wheel roll smoothly with missing spokes?  And if the hub is not perfect, do you think that will create problems?  Just sayin’.

Take a look at your wheel and do a personal evaluation.  Be honest with yourself.  If you are fully balanced and fulfilled, you are doing something right.  If one of the spokes is missing or you have an imperfect hub, consider having your wheel re-aligned.  Fix the spokes, and connect to a perfect hub.  Sounds simple, but it is hard to do for a lot of people who don’t understand the Wheel of Life.  When you spin, you just might spin out of control.  Take a spin when you know the answer….and I just gave it to you.  If you want to take the ultimate trip of a lifetime, let God be your hub and make sure the spokes are all in place.  That is the REAL Wheel of Fortune. That is when your destiny meets your calling.  That is when you are blessed to be a blessing. That is…


Dan Skognes

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