What I’ve Learned From Donald Trump (So Far)

What Ive Learned From Donald Trump So Far dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator1Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, one thing we can agree upon: We can all learn some things from him. Here are a few things I have learned from him so far:

  • Dream BIG. Nobody on the planet gave Mr. Trump a snowball chance in July in winning the Presidency….and yet, he stunned the world by winning.
  • Don’t believe the media and the pollsters. They have their own agenda much of the time and are not just reporting the facts. This of course does not apply to ALL journalists, but it seems that so many of them are breeding fear and negativity that it becomes very difficult to know who is telling the truth anymore.
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, who else is going to? One thing is for sure, Mr. Trump is confident in his own abilities and the outcomes.
  • Anyone born in America can grow up to be President. You don’t have to be a politician. In fact, it is probably going to be a great asset that Mr. Trump has no debts to pay to the Washington insiders.
  • In this day of electronics, be careful what you say and what you do. It is probably being taped by someone and could come back to bite you.
  • Don’t let the failures of the past hold you back from walking out your destiny. Mr. Trump has failed on many fronts in his life and yet he has continued to forge forward to reach the top office in the USA and arguably in the world.
  • Surround yourself with trusted advisors who can help clarify the decisions to be made. His addition of Mike Pence as VP was brilliant. Governor Pence is well grounded and a solid addition to the Cabinet. Even when Mr. Trump had his show, The Apprentice, he had his daughter and son to counsel him in the board room. Don’t be surprised to see his kids move into the political arena in the near future. I can see Ivanka running for the Presidency someday. His sons are both sharp young men as well and could probably have positions of prominence at some point.

My prayer for the country is that we come together now, put aside our differences, and work together to build a better America. Let’s give him a chance to succeed.


Dan Skognes

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  1. Cliff Loriot says:

    Hi, Dan.

    Your comments were very observant. I think we’re on the same page, though you said it more eloquently and comprehensively. I also agree with everything you said that I didn’t. Here’s what I posted on Face Book on November 9 at 11:52 AM:

    Any man who can outmaneuver a woman, especially a woman who had the greater advantage by far, say she fought a good fight, and then praise her for her years of service to America has the potential to be a good president.

    Anyone who has the gall to fight dirty during a presidential campaign and then, with over half the US voting against him, to say that he wants his opposition’s help and advice to unite the country into one nation again has the potential to be a good president.

    Anyone who “did it his way,” that is, refused to kowtow to convention or pressure, has the potential to be a good president.

    Anyone who is able to get the workers of America to come out in droves to vote for him has the potential to be a good president.

    Like you, Dan, I’m part of the “So Far, So Good Movement.”

    If I may, I’d like to paste into this comment what I posted on Veterans’ Day on Face Book:

    It’s the Third Day, it’s Friday, and it’s Veterans’ Day. What better day on which to make peace and begin healing our nation’s wounds.

    Forty-seven years ago, our country was embroiled in more turmoil than it is now. Just when the country was getting over the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were killed.

    Students were shot at Kent State and corrupt politicians were in office.

    We were involved in a war in the far east that no one seemed to want. My cousin Bruce Lauriault fought in that war. He told me today that, when they came home, their fellow Americans spit on them.

    In 1969, the Hollies released a song that America needs to hear today. I’ve attached links with three different versions of video background.

    The first one is for everyone. The second one is for those who feel like the world has come to an end.

    The third is in honor of those men and women who fought and who died to ensure that we still have the freedom and privilege to vote.




    Years ago, I read a Pogo cartoon that said, “We have met the enemy, and the enemy is US.” Let’s make sure that’s not true today.

    We are fighting on a battlefield, but we are not fighting against each other. Nothing unites two warring factions like having a common enemy, and we are fighting a common enemy–a divided nation.


    Thank you.

    • Dan Skognes says:

      Thanks Cliff. I hope that some day I can meet you and have lunch. I believe we have muck in common. I love that song. It is quite appropriate for our divided country. Shalom! Dan

  2. Thomas Neeb says:

    I really enjoyed these common sense reflections!

  3. Sandra Fischer de Astaburuaga says:

    My pleasure, Sir.

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