Truth and Consequences

Truth and Consequences dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator1I have a feeling that everyone reading this will identify with at least one of the points I am making. Are you a “too” person? Too is defined as: to a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively. Are you:

  • Too tired? You will make poor decisions and mistakes that you normally would not make.
  • Too angry? You will say and do things that you will regret and could cost you your life.
  • Too trusting? You will get burned by people who are more than willing to take advantage of your gullibility.
  • Too lazy? You will miss out on your purpose and the rewards that come from hard work.
  • Too lonely? You will compromise your morals, self-esteem, and values to fill that void.
  • Too sick? You will not be able to function normally and you will live in pain and suffering.
  • Too stingy? You will miss the blessing that comes from putting others before self.
  • Too free with your spending? You will discover the painful lesson taught by living in debt to others and being a slave to credit.
  • Too self-reliant? You will miss the opportunity to learn from others and have them learn from you, plus you will not accomplish as much on your own as with a team. Leaders have to learn to delegate and collaborate…and everyone is a leader in some capacity.
  • Too reliant on others? You will miss growing as an individual and lose the sense of accomplishment if you rely on others for things that you should be doing.
  • Too judgmental? You will miss the opportunity to make friends from different races and religions.
  • Too arrogant? You will have the misfortune of being humbled by others.
  • Too worried? You will waste time on things that don’t matter or things that you can’t control.
  • Too controlling? You will destroy your relationships and live a lonely life.
  • Too fearful? You will not attempt things that challenge you and miss out on accomplishing anything great.
  • Too unforgiving? You will be shackled to your past and poison both present and future relationships.

There are probably a thousand other “too” examples, but you get the idea. Look in the mirror and you fill in the blank. “I am too ____________________________.” Then ask yourself, “What price have I paid for thinking that way?” (I.E. what were the consequences?)

This is good news / bad news. The bad news is that you have to suffer the consequences of the decisions you have made. The good news is that you can change this behavior and have more favorable outcomes from this point forward. Anything taken to the extreme is typically going to have results that are disappointing, costly, and can cause you to miss out on the secret of happiness. Want to know what it is? Balance. When you live a balanced life you will make better decisions, have better outcomes, and you can actually enjoy the journey we call life. You will also experience two things that I know you are seeking: peace and meaning. I pray you find both.


Dan Skognes

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  1. Ganzymalgwi says:

    Am too trusting.
    I’ve been burnt just liked you said.
    Thanks for this message

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