There’s No Testimony Without A Test


Everyone I know is going through something.  They might be having problems with money, their work, their relationships, or their health, but everyone is getting tested.  The good news is, this is a no fail test.  You get to keep taking it till you pass.

The bad news is, there is always another test!  I was meeting with a group of guys some time ago, and one of the men was sharing that he was out of work and really stressing out about it. Me, being the encourager that I am, tried to make something positive of it, so I told him, “One good thing will come out of this.  When you have come through it, you will have quite a testimony.”  He smiled and said, “I’ve had enough of the TESTS, I just need more MONY.”  We all laughed.  There was truth on both sides.

Here is what I have learned from going through tests:

  • Tests sometimes take a short time, and sometimes last a long time, but they are always in God’s time.  They may seem like an eternity to us, but in God’s eyes, they are a nano-second.  The reality is, they don’t last long in that light.
  • Tests are never pleasant to take, but when you have completed it, you will indeed have a testimony that can help someone else who is going through the same thing.  How you respond to the test determines whether your testimony is worthy of sharing or not.
  • You are either going into a test, in the middle of a test, or coming out of a test.  It is a cycle, and you go from test to test.  This is part of the process that God uses to teach us, to grow us, to humble us, and to help us have the character that reflects Him.

How are you responding to the tests you are facing?  Are you negative, stressed, bitter, complaining, angry, or in despair?  Or, are you positive, at peace, determined, thankful, hopeful, and faithful?  We get to choose how to respond.  We get to choose what our testimony is going to be.  I will give you a hint to passing the test…it is the sentence that has hope in it.  So, you have the answers to the tests you will face. Learn them, remember them, and practice them.  They will help you pass the test you are in.

May your testimony be one worthy of sharing, and one that reflects the character of God.

P.S.  When you are going through a test, it is always a good idea to have a good teacher, and surround yourselves with positive students.  You have the perfect teacher (God).  The students (family or friends) you hang out with will to a great degree determine what your testimony will be and how long the test will last.  Surround yourselves with the A students, not the ones who are constantly in detention.


Dan Skognes

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  1. david bebout says:

    Thanks fro reminding me about the test:) lol:)

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