The Principle Of The Seed


It is a strange phenomenon that in order for a plant to grow, something has to die.

A dead seed is planted into the soil.  It then begins to grow and take root when it is nourished through water, sun, and nutrients in the soil.

My thoughts are, we are very much like the seed in the soil.  If we are going to grow, we have to be watered, get plenty of sun, and get nutrients from the soil.  What do I mean by this?

Principle 1.  When we die to self, we can put God as a priority in our lives, and as a result learn to have a servant’s heart. That is like being planted.

Principle 2.  When we die to our old nature, God take us to new heights that we would never have otherwise attained. That is the beginning of growth.

Principle 3.  When we allow God to be our nourishment, our needs are met.  He waters us and grows us.  As long as we stay “grounded” in Him, our roots will grow deep and we will produce good fruit.  That is maturing.

Principle 4.  God has given us the Holy Spirit to nourish us, and His Son is our sun.  He lights the way.  He helps us grow!

Principle 5.  Storms will come and go.  If our roots remain grounded in God, we will be sustained.  We will be restored.   We will be transplanted if need be. A plant does not think, “Man, I sure hate this storm.  I can’t wait for it to be over.”  A plant endures.  A plant just IS.  It, in essence, relies on the ground and being well rooted to be sustained.  We just have to trust Him and remain in Him.  Make sense?

Don’t let the things that need to stay dead come to life.  The old man with evil thoughts NEEDS to die.  The greed, hatred, selfish ambition, etc.  That all needs to die and stay dead.  If we can die to THAT, then God can grow us into what He created us to be.  If we can just learn to die to self, God will take that dead seed and grow us. Trust God for the rest and you will be blessed, and others will be blessed as well.


Dan Skognes

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