The Principle of Sowing

The Principle of Sowing dan skognes leadership development trainer coach consultant motivation blogger speaker

I recently learned the secret to sowing.  I call it the Principle of Sowing.  The Principle is simple.  Continual sowing eventually leads to continual reaping.  I think this is why so many people fail in life.  Whether it is in their job, their marriage, their friendships, their finances, it affects them all.  People sow for a short term and expect long term gains.  They give up before they see the fruit of their labor, often just when they were about to see their breakthrough.  The bad part for all us is that we can’t see the future.  We don’t know what seeds are going to grow and which ones will be eaten by the birds, fall on bad soil, or just don’t have the water or nutrients to grow.  That is where faith and hard work kick in to help us achieve what we have set our hearts and minds to.

Sowing is a process, not a destination.  It is continual in it’s concept, not something that you do and finish.  It is never totally complete, because even the seeds you sow have to be watered. And there is a harvest.  Harvesting is a four letter word that many people don’t want to think about….WORK.

Rule 1 for Sowing:  Make sure you are sowing the right seeds.  If you have not had the returns you expected in your relationships, in your business, or in your finance, make sure that you have the right seeds.  I know from my recent bout with losing a yard that you have to have the right grass for the area.  If you have too much shade, certain grasses just won’t grow.  Also, different parts of the country have grasses that work best in their area.   That applies to services and products as well.  Try ordering iced tea in New York.  I remember going to New York a few years ago and ordering some iced tea at a restaurant.  The waiter said they did not have iced tea.  I asked him if he had ice, and he said, “ Yes.”  I said,  “Do you have hot tea?”  He said, “ Yes.”  I said, “Please bring me some hot tea with a glass of ice.  That is iced tea.”  (Don’t even think about ordering sweet iced tea in New York) :o)

Rule 2 for Sowing:  Make sure you are sowing in the right field.  You can have the right seed (product, service, or efforts) and putting it in the wrong field, so it just does not produce the harvest you expect.  Make sure the field is tilled, ready for the seed, then properly watered and maintained.  Weeds and bugs have to be controlled, or they can wipe you out too.  The weeds and bugs in your life could be anything that keeps you from maintaining your field…things like hobbies, or just being lazy.

Rule 3 for Sowing: Sow continually.  How many times have you heard someone give up on a job, on a relationship, or even a hobby before they really gave it a chance?  We live with a microwave mentality.  We want to stick whatever it is in the microwave and voila, we have success.  Rarely does success happen that way.  It usually follows persistent dogmatic efforts through many trials and tribulations.  Don’t give up before the harvest.

Rule 4 for Sowing:  God gave you seeds of greatness to sow both into your own life and into the lives of others.  Sow greatness. God said we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Believe that.  Receive that.  Sow that.

When you evaluate your life, your job, your relationships, and your finances, what are you sowing?  Are you in the right field?  Do you have the right seed?  Are you tending the field you have sown? Have you given up before you saw the harvest?  If I can encourage you to do just one thing different in your life right now, practice the principle of sowing continually.  Eventually, you will reap what you sow.


Dan Skognes

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