The Heart Of A Champion

Heart of a Champion (320x320)

Ten things that mark the heart of a champion:

No. 1.  They are goal oriented.  They have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish.

No. 2.  They understand that it is not how many times you get knocked down that matters.  It is how many times you get up.

No. 3.  They have a focused determination to win.  They are determined to achieve their goal and are able to prioritize what they need to do to achieve it.

No. 4.  They have balance in their lives.  They understand that you can’t have things run smoothly if critical parts of your life are out of kilter.  Eventually the weak spoke will cause a flat.

No. 5.  They don’t make excuses.  They accept responsibility for their own failures and successes.

No. 6.  They have a good coach that helps them get to the next level.

No. 7.  They give credit to those that have helped them achieve their goals, whether it be God, their spouse, their kids, their coach, their team, etc. They understand that every success is the culmination of the efforts and prayers of many.

No. 8.  They realize that all true champions are leaders, and hold themselves to a higher level of responsibility, knowing that the world is watching how they respond to fame and fortune, success and failure.

No. 9.  They keep themselves in a positive frame of mind and surround themselves with positive people. They understand that what they feed their mind will grow, whether it be good or bad.  They also understand that evil company corrupts.

No.10. They realize that true success is not the gold medals, not the money, not the fame.  While all of those are great things to have, true success comes from fulfilling your God-given destiny; doing that one thing that you are great at to the best of your ability.  That is when we step into our destiny and the satisfaction we have is in knowing we gave our best, and we see the rewards come as a result of giving of ourselves to others.  That is also when the world becomes just a little bit better place for everyone to live.

Here is hoping that you discover the true champion in you.


Dan Skognes

5 Responses to “The Heart Of A Champion”

  1. Bruce Gamiere says:

    Excellent, very well stated!.

  2. Great post, Dan!

    Please Accept this Award and Song

    The “Shine on” Award represents love and hope and friendship
Please pass this on, if you have it, type
    “Awarded x2 below it, or x3″

    Please, Shine On and accept and add the song in, so the song goes with the Award
    xox – Mary

  3. Michael says:

    Brother Barnabus Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hope you are doing well. Come see me in the “ATX” sometime. Still down here ” Keeping it Weird “. Bless you Brother !

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