The Gift

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Did you know you are gifted?  Seriously. You have at least one if not many gifts that have been given to you.  You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t have any gifts, and if you did, you don’t have a clue as to what they are or how to use them.

Well, relax.  I am going to share with you how to not only discover your gifts, but also how to use them.  When I get done, you will see it makes perfect sense.

Question 1.  Is there anything that you are particularly good at?  Maybe you are athletic, maybe you can dance, maybe you are a great speaker, or you like to draw, to write music, to perform, to lead, etc.  There are literally thousands of gifts, so don’t be surprised if you have a few.  My gifts are: I have a good sense of humor, I have the ability to lead and administrate things, I have the gift of encouragement, speaking, and the gift of writing. I would like to think that I could perform on So You Think You Can Dance, but Vicki said, “Not!”  LOL.  (I just may prove her wrong some day)

Question 2.  If money were no object, what would you do?  That is a clarifying question that will help you pinpoint what you are gifted to do.  Don’t chase money. Use your gifts, and the money will follow.  If you chase money, you might very well live a life of disappointment and despair, and rob the world of being blessed by your gift.  Don’t seek a job, seek what can you do that utilizes your gifts.  Do that and don’t settle for less.

Question 3.  How do you know it is a gift?  Several ways: First, other people are attracted to you when you use your gifts. Second, you literally come alive when you use your gifts.  And last but not least, other people will TELL you that you have a GIFT.  Another Jeff Foxworthy moment….”Here’s your sign.”

We have all known people that we would consider gifted.  The funny thing is, everyone on this planet has at least one gift.  They just have to figure that out for themselves, but when they do, magic happens.  Your vision becomes clear, your senses are heightened. You have a passion for living, and a passion for giving.  You see, gifts, once you realize you have them, are meant to be given away.  But in giving the gift you have to others…what you get in return will turn you upside down in a wonderful way.  You will never look at life the same once you use your gifts.

My hope for you is that you find your gift, use your gift, and give your gift away. I promise you that you will have no regrets, except that you did not use your gifts sooner in life.  The clock is ticking.  What are you going to do with YOUR gift?


Dan Skognes

2 Responses to “The Gift”

  1. Eileen Hargrove says:

    Hi Dan , I really enjoyed reading the gift you are a very gifted man. Keep on doing gods work . I truly believed you were sent to us by God we’ve been praying and knowing we needed life insurance but we would always forget about it. Thank you for having a beautiful spirit, that sold us. : )

    • Dan Skognes says:

      Thanks Eileen. I appreciate you taking time to read some of my work. I also appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. You and Ted are a beautiful couple, and I know God is using each of us in His own way. I just want to make sure that the gifts He gave me are utilized for His glory. Have a blessed day!



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