The Game Is Not Over At Halftime

The Game Is Not Over At Halftime dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator1If you watched the Super Bowl this year you witnessed the greatest comeback in the history of pro football. What a game! I had no vested interest in the game since I am a diehard Cowboy fan and they did not make it past Green Bay.

Since both the Cowboys and Texans had failed to make the Super Bowl, I decided to pull for Atlanta…primarily because they were the underdogs, I have a brother that lives in Atlanta, and I can’t stand the Patriots…all valid reasons. LOL.

I had heard on the news that someone had sent Vegas bookies in a frenzy when he bet over $1 million that Atlanta would win. I am sure he was on cloud nine at half time. The Falcons were giving the Patriots more than they expected, and Brady seemed to be vulnerable to the Atlanta rush. All the indicators pointed to a blow out in Atlanta’s favor…which would have been fine by me.

Well, the Patriots are a great team and they made adjustments at halftime and came back to deliver one of the most inspiring wins I have witnessed in football. Brady was on fire. The receivers were making crazy catches, and the team was functioning on all cylinders.

As the 2nd half progressed, you could sense the momentum shift from the Falcons to the Patriots. As the Patriots tied the game to send it in to overtime, it was like President Trump looking at the election results. Nobody could believe it!

Here are some lessons to learn from that game:

  • If life is not going the way you want, don’t give up! Make adjustments, rally your team (organization or family) and resources and get back in the game.
  • It does not matter what the odds are against you. Miracles still happen in the game of life. Don’t give up! Faith moves mountains.
  • You have to believe in yourself and in your team despite what you see and how you feel. I can guarantee you that the talk in the Patriot locker room at half time was NOT one of throwing in the towel and going home. It was one of making history…and they DID!
  • As long as you have breath, the game is not over. Dig deep and find that passion you once had and re-ignite that flame. If you have a mountain to climb, you have to be conditioned, protected, prepared, and determined. If any of those are missing, you will not succeed.

The game of life is getting ready for the second half. Are you ready?


Dan Skognes

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