The Circle of Teaching

The Circle of Teaching dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorTo teach you must have learned.

To learn you must have opened your mind.

To open your mind you must have been willing to admit

you don’t know it all.

To admit you don’t know it all you must have had humility.

To have humility you must have been willing to listen.

To listen you must have been willing to dismiss your prejudices.

To dismiss your prejudices you must have been willing to understand.

To understand you must have faced your fears.

To face your fears you must have been courageous.

If you are willing to be courageous you can take your first step to teach.

Fearless teachers are in demand.

Never let fear hold you back from walking out your destiny.

Faith your fears.

We are all teachers.


Dan Skognes

6 Responses to “The Circle of Teaching”

  1. queendjh says:

    A great way to back into what it takes to be a teacher. Very good!

  2. This is something like what a sage would say. Thank you for this post.

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