The Best Medicine

You might think that the best medicine is the one that works, but I think it is a little more complex. Medicine and advice have this in common: it is guaranteed not to work if you won’t take it. We have all known people who just don’t take what is good for them. Why do some people choose to learn the hard way?

Here are a few reasons that people won’t take what is good for them:

  • They think they can ignore the medicine or advice and do better on their own. The question they should be asking is, “How has that been working out for me?”
  • As ridiculous as it sounds, some people would rather stay stuck in the mud rather than do what someone tells them to do to get out. You will be their guest in the mud if you allow it.
  • They won’t listen because they don’t like them, trust them, or can’t forgive them for something in the past. Forgiveness becomes the greatest hurdle to overcome for many.
  • I know people who have been making the same dysfunctional decisions for so long that it is normal to them. When people think that evil is good and dark is light, then no amount of reasoning will get through to them till they see the warped picture for what it is. That is the epitome of spiritual blindness.
  • They thrive in chaos. If there isn’t any, they create it!
  • It wasn’t their idea.

Why it is so pervasive is a true mystery to me. Give me peace and tranquility. There is one caveat: Not all medicine and advice are good for you. Consider the source and the motive. What they give you could be the very thing to help you or it could be the thing that puts you under permanently. Know your friends and your enemies. Not all who say they wish you well have pure motives, and not all who appear to wish you harm have evil intentions. You had best learn the difference. If you get a gut check, listen!

“The best medicine and advice have a healthy dose of common sense.” Dan Skognes


Dan Skognes

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