The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People dan skognes motivation blogger speaker trainer coachFailure and success have a few things in common. Both are contagious, you can learn them, and it seems that at some point we choose which one we will follow. Some people settle for a life a failure and never realize their purpose or destiny.  Pretty sad when you think about the loss not just to them, but to the world all around them.

I believe that everyone is created with elements of greatness within them.  It is part of our DNA.  Why is it then that some folks go sideways and eventually crash and burn?  Why do some people seem to have the Midas touch and everything they do blooms?

Let’s examine the 7 habits of highly ineffective people:

  1. They have a negative attitude towards life.  Their glass is always half empty, so don’t waste their time trying to fill it up. They will find a way to empty it if you do.
  2. They have an attitude of what is in it for ME? The world revolves around them and you are only good to them if they can get something from you…especially if it is for free.
  3. They are ungrateful. Don’t expect thanks for what you do.  Don’t expect them to show gratitude for anything you might have done.  Remember that you OWE them.
  4. They don’t care about how other people feel, so they can come across as brash, abrasive, obnoxious, and down-right nasty. Don’t take it personal. They are like this to everyone, even those they “love.”
  5. They have a critical attitude. It is always someone else’s fault. They are never to blame…ever.
  6. They are highly creative in finding ways to beat the system. They will lie, cheat, steal, and do things unethical to get what they want.  The end justifies the means. If you get in their way, you can expect all of the above.
  7. They don’t listen, they tell. Don’t expect them to hear what you say. Remember that for them to take time to listen, they would have to care, and they don’t.

Life does not have to be this way, and yet many people have just grown accustomed to the smell.  A healthy person realizes that they are in a world full of other people, and it behooves us all to get along with one another.  That is just common sense, and yet common sense as we all know is not so common. How can you explain people that do stupid things over and over?  You have heard the saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”  Well, there is an element of truth there, but I do think that it is a curable disease.  Stupidity does not have to be fatal.

If people are willing to just grow up….that is the secret to success.  You have to GROW UP.  Wow.  What a revelation.  Learn to say thanks.  Learn to say I am sorry.  Learn to say, I love you…and not just say it…but show it. Like Louie Armstrong said, “I think to myself….what a wonderful world.”

How about I start with me and you start with you?  If we each do our part and agree to GROW UP, maybe….just maybe we can stamp out the dreaded stupid virus.  I may just set up a foundation to help put stupidity out of its misery. I wonder how many stupid people will contribute to it?  LOL


Dan Skognes

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