I heard on the news today a man that had his boat go down in the ocean and he was adrift in the boat for 12 hours with no assurance that anyone was coming.  He had no idea if he had been missed or not.

The reporter asked him if he had any thoughts of just giving up.  He immediately said, “No, I would not allow those thoughts to even enter my mind.”

You and I will probably never face something like that in our lives, but we will have our time adrift in the sea of life.  There will be days, months, and possibly even years that we have to endure, not knowing if we are ever going to “be rescued.”

There are some great life lessons here:

  • Never give up hope.  You don’t know when relief will come.  Keep the faith.
  • Take every thought captive.  Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your mind.
  • Look to the horizon and watch for help.  When someone is adrift in the sea of life, there will be someone who will notice and help you. You are not stranded forever.
  • Keep your life-jacket on. I was in a speed boat one time and was not wearing my life-jacket.  I was thrown overboard and almost killed as the propeller went right over my head when the driver did a stupid stunt to impress his wife on the shore. I am fortunate that I was not killed or seriously injured. If you lose your boat, your life jacket may be the only thing you have to keep you afloat.  In the sea of life, a positive attitude is your life jacket.  Don’t lose it.
  • Don’t be too proud to let people know you need help.  Send up a “flare.” Whether that is a phone call, email, or just telling someone you need help….let someone know.  Also, the perfect flare is a prayer.  God always sees it.  He cares and has the ability to help you when nothing else works.

So, are you adrift in the sea of life, feeling like nothing is ever going to change?  Take heart.  Send up a flare and send up a prayer.  Help is on the way.


Dan Skognes

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