Superman and Wonderwoman

Superman and Wonderwoman dan skognes leadership development trainer coach consultant motivation blogger speaker

We live in a world that loves superheroes.  Have you noticed how many movies lately feature someone with incredible powers?  Have you wondered why we are drawn to superheroes?

I think it is because deep inside us, we all have a desire to fly, to be faster than a speeding bullet, to be more powerful than a locomotive, to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  My chest is puffing out just saying this.  LOL.

When I met my wife many years ago, I told her I was going to call her Wonderwoman.  There were two reasons for me to call her that.  First, she was a widow.  When her husband died, he had no life insurance, so he left her with no financial resources.  He also left her with a business to run.  It was an extremely demanding business, both physically and emotionally.  She had incredible inner strength that I admired, so to me, she WAS Wonderwoman.

I told her the second reason I had to call her Wonderwoman was because I had to say to myself, “I WONDER what I ever did without this WOMAN.”  LOL.  She liked that one! That line is a keeper, don’t you think?

I may not have the powers of Superman, but here are a few things he taught me about life:

Principle 1.  Flying is a great way to travel.  I may have to still use a plane, but in my mind….and in my heart…I fly with wings of eagles.

Principle 2.  God has given each of us unique gifts.  Use them for good.  Serve others.  Take up for those less fortunate.

Principle 3.  A pair of glasses can change the way you see things, and the way people see you.  I used to wonder about the logic of that in the comics and on the TV show.  He simply took off his glasses, and became Superman.  Nobody recognized him with glasses.  And yet….we did not let that stop us from believing in him.  If you are having problems in life, try doing one of two things, put your glasses on and focus, or take them off and go to work.  If you need them for work, get bifocals.  LOL.

Principle 4.  If you are going to use your gifts, you have to go to work.  Yes, the four letter word.  By using your gifts in your work, you will find your destiny.

I hope you find the Wonderwoman or Superman you have been waiting for.  Chances are, if you are using your God-given gifts, they will find YOU.  Once you have found your Wonderwoman or Superman, don’t take them for granted.  Love them for the wonder that they truly are.


Dan Skognes

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