Soap Operas

It seems that some people are just destined to be dramatic, but I have to wonder why? Life does not have to be full of drama every day, does it? Don’t we have enough real issues without the drama?

One of the things about kids is that they learn very early how to turn on the drama for effect. They tattle, they cry, they hit, they scream, they pout, and they throw temper tantrums. I recall seeing a father in Branson many years ago sitting on a bench. His hands were cupped around his face as he calmly watched his toddler in a screaming tantrum laying in front of him on the sidewalk. Tourists walked about and were laughing at the scene. I wish I had put it on video. It would have gone viral for sure.

My wife was telling me of a funny quote she saw recently. It said, “Have you ever looked around your family and thought: Well, aren’t we just two clowns short of a circus?”  LOL. Thankfully, my family is not in that category now, but I know plenty that are.

The problem with living a life full of drama is that it robs you of your peace. Just watch the people that are constantly in turmoil and see if this is not true. They lack the ability to cope, so they stress, they complain, they gossip, and they stir the pot to make others feel their pain.

I try to avoid people who live like that. It seems that they are constantly trying to get others to wallow in the mire with them. I have wallowed in self-pity before and it isn’t pretty. At some point we have to shake it off and realize that if we want things to be different, WE have to change. We have to take on the attitude that says: “You can change the world when you change YOUR world.”

Unless you are professional actor, please leave the drama to the pros.  


Dan Skognes

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