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Lack of self-control has been the downfall of countless people, and even nations.  Think about the politicians, the professional athletes, industry leaders….and even countries that have fallen from glory because of lack of self-control.

Nolan Ryan is a legend in baseball.  I have had the privilege to see him play on several occasions for more than one team, and for my favorite team, the Texas Rangers.  Talk about self-control.  When he fired a fast ball over the plate, he knew where the ball was going and he delivered it with precision like a laser. How do you think the opposing teams felt when they heard Nolan was going to be the starting pitcher against them?  I have to believe it put a twinge of fear in them at the very least.

You may remember the famous picture of Robin Ventura, who got frustrated one day with Nolan (thinking he was trying to hit him with a pitch) and he charged the mound.  BIG mistake.  Nolan simply put his head in a headlock and pummeled him.  How embarrassing was that?  On national TV you lose your cool and get your butt beat at the same time.  He never has been able to live down that one moment of lack of self-control. Wow.

Principle 1.  Self-control is like a cornerstone in a building.  It is foundational to our character.

Principle 2.  Self-control can give you the discipline you need to achieve greatness.

Principle 3.  Lack of self-control has dire consequences.  Either you control yourself, or someone else will.  Ask the thousands of people who are in jail today.

Principle 4.  Lack of self-control is a result of anger or addiction.  Both result in self-destruction if not addressed.  If you are out of control, get help.

Principle 5.  The man who controls himself is on the course of stepping into his destiny. The man who does not control himself has taken a detour and may very well miss the sign that the bridge is out! Pay attention to the warning signs.

Are you self-controlled, or are you controlled by emotions?  Are you controlled by addictions?  I hope that you wake up and smell the coffee, as they say.  Self-control is like a seat belt.  It does not do any good if you don’t use it.  Buckle up.


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