Prescription for Prayer

With all the things going on in the world today, I don’t know how anyone survives without prayer. There are catastrophes galore, unspeakable acts of evil abounding, and chaos seems to be the theme of the day. This week I was reminded of how much we need to pray. I was at school and one of the ladies who works there was quite despondent. I know her to be a jubilant person most of the time, so I knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. When I asked her why she was upset, she did not want to speak. I could tell she was fighting back the tears. I told her it was OK, and gently asked her again to tell me what was wrong. She said she had relatives in Puerto Rico and had not been able to reach them for the past 4 days because of the hurricane. She is just one of many teachers we have on staff that have family in Puerto Rico and Mexico which have both succumbed recently to natural disasters. I simply told her what she already knew: prayer is the answer. God is still in control. The best thing we can do for those in peril and for ourselves is to pray! She agreed and thanked me for the encouragement. I saw her later that day and asked her how she was doing. She smiled and said she was feeling much better. Sometimes we just have to be reminded of the power of prayer. Worry is a terrible thing and can weigh down the heart of the mightiest warrior. Prayer is a powerful weapon when you have everything to lose and no sign of hope ahead. I realize it takes faith as well, and that faith has to be in God. Only He can change the course of a river or the heart of a King….but he can do it. With Him, everything is possible. Whatever you are facing today, turn it over to God. I have included a prescription for you from Him. It is available to you right now. You won’t even have to wait in line at the pharmacy! Just accept it, use it, and trust God for the results. P.S. God’s Son paid for it. Shalom! Dan Skognes

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  1. I pray many times a day. When I say I pray I don’t mean kneeling down at an alter and praying. I just think of God and say a few things in my mind. ‘God please guide me as I do this work’. ‘God keep me safe as I drive to…’ etc.

    When I want an answer to some questions I cannot find the answer to, I pray in my mind and always I get an answer. This has happened throughout my life.

    Please pray that teachers will take a little time to talk to kids who cannot read at grade level.

  2. Carol says:

    Like the song goes – take it to the Lord in prayer. Best soul medicine ever.

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