Point of No Return

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If you live long enough, you will face decisions that will have great impact on not only your life, but on others as well. Perhaps it is the decision to get married or stay single, get divorced or get counseling, have a baby or not have one, take a job or take another one, invest in something or not to invest, go to college or just get a job, what to do with your life, etc.

If it is a major decision, there will come a point of no return. In other words, you are all in. You have either made a decision to do something or not do it and changing that decision will be difficult if not impossible. Either way these decisions change your life forever. So, if you are facing a major decision, how do you keep from deciding to do something that could ruin your life?

Well, I wish I could say I have always made the right decisions, but that is not true. I have messed up plenty of times and suffered for it. These tips will hopefully help you to avoid making mistakes that could derail your life:

  • Never make a major decision when you are too: too tired, too lonely, too broke, too angry, etc. Extreme situations and feelings will distort reality and cause you to do and say things you would never do or say if you were thinking clearly.
  • When faced with a major decision, it is advisable to get counsel from people who have a proven track record, and people who truly care about you. Note: not everyone who loves you gives wise counsel. You have to be discerning even here to accept counsel from someone who is qualified to give it. Get counsel from someone who is an expert in what you are contemplating.
  • Learn to think with your head and your heart. When there is disagreement between the two, listen to that voice and postpone the decision. Going against your intuition is like going around a barricade and having your car swept away in a flood. You might survive it, but at what cost?
  • Don’t compromise your morals, your integrity, or your vision. When you compromise those it will distort the decisions you make.
  • If you are married, you have to consider the feelings of your family and the consequences they will face because of your decision. Put their needs ahead of your own.

The point of no return is the tipping point that impacts the rest of your life. Consider your options, get wise counsel, listen to your own intuition, pray about it, and choose carefully. Remember that once you’ve crossed the line there may or may not be a bridge to return upon. Don’t let fear control your decision making. If you decide to make no decision from fear of the consequences, that has ramifications as well and that could very well be the worst decision.


Dan Skognes

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  1. Cristina Andreescu says:

    Thank you for your advise! Considering my life experience, I can say you are right.

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