Life or Death

Life or Death dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educator1Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes when you win (get what you want) you lose. We have all experienced getting something or someone we thought we had to have in our lives only to be bitterly disappointed. I have had times where I was disheartened in not getting what I wanted, only to find later that there was something much better for me.

Here is the principle: For something to live, something has to die. This applies to all aspects of our lives. It affects our relationships, our happiness, and our destiny. Here are some examples to illustrate the point:

  • For us to ever truly love others, we have to learn to die to self. I understand that we have to love ourselves in a healthy way, but what I am saying is that we have to express love to others in more than just words. Love is an action verb in the purest form that puts others before self.
  • For us to be happy, we have to let the pursuit of happiness die and enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination. This requires that we have an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the daily blessings we receive…no matter how small. Put to death the thought, “I will be happy when….”
  • For us to find our destiny, we have to put to death the good things that have sidetracked us from pursuing what is great. When we pursue great instead of settling for good, we are on the path to fulfilling our destiny. If we focus on discovering and using our gifts and pursue nothing less than what is great, excellence and purpose are born out of the passion.
  • For us to move forward, we have to let the things behind us die. Holding on to the past is like trying to leave the port with your anchor still dropped. Let go of past hurts, pains, problems, and mistakes. Today is a new day. Lift the anchor.


Dan Skognes

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