Lessons from the NBA

If you watched the Houston Rockets play the Golden State Warriors last night, you had to be shaking your head no matter whom you were pulling for. The first half of the game looked like it would be a blowout with Houston doing everything right and the Warriors just not clicking. Houston had a 15 point lead at one time.

I am not sure what the coach of the Warriors said, but it probably had something to do with, “This game is not over….let’s finish it and show them who we are.” As the second half began, you could feel the momentum swing in favor of the Warriors. I told my wife, “If they tie the game, they will win it.” And that is what they did.

Here are few takeaways (pun intended):

  • It does not matter so much how you start as to how you finish. If you can start strong and finish strong, that is ideal, but at the very least finish strong. This week the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers both showed why they are perennial powerhouses to be contended with. They deserve to be here.
  • If your plan A is not working, you better have a plan B. Houston set an all-time record for missed 3 point attempts. If you are the coach and watching shot after shot go astray, why in the world would you allow them to keep throwing up bricks? 27 missed 3 point shots are unbelievable. What was the coach thinking?
  • It does not matter what kind of season you have had when you are in the playoffs. You could be the best team on the planet, but if you are in game 7 of a playoff series, it is time to play big or go home. Houston was on their heels in the second half of the game and could not buy a bucket. They were even inconsistent with layups and shots at the free throw line.

I was pulling for the Celtics and Houston because they were the underdogs, and the Mavericks were not in the mix. Sadly, they both showed why they were not ready for the championship. Maybe next year. I hope so, but go Mavericks!


Dan Skognes

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