Legacy to Destiny

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On the way to fulfilling your destiny, you are leaving a legacy.  You get to choose what you are remembered for.  You can’t always control what happens along the way, but you can control how you respond to it.

How will you be remembered?  What will people say?  I recently attended a funeral of a fraternity brother of mine that went to school with me 45 years ago.  First of all I was struck by how old everyone there was.  Good grief.   Was it really 45 years ago? Good thing I had not changed.  ;o)

Louie Duck was a man with flaws, but what he gave to others will live on for generations to come.  He was known for his keen business mind, his giving nature, his tender heart, and his humility.  He served God first and foremost and his family a close second.  He had friends in high places, but you would never know it because Louie was just Louie.  He truly left a Duck Dynasty…and yes, he really did have an Uncle named Donald.

Contrast that with a man I know who died at the age of 32.  He was a rebel and hated any type of authority.  One of the funniest things he ever said (unintentionally) was when he got mad at his Dad.  He said, “Nobody is going to tell me what to do!  I am going to join the Army!!!”  LOL.  Wow, what an ironic statement when you look back at it.  He was a rock and roll wannabe and was determined to be a rock star.  He lived a loose life, and on his deathbed, his last words were, “What a wasted life.”  How tragic is that?  He was incredible artist, but he never used that talent.  He was a very good singer, but he neglected using that ability for God.  When he died, there was no memorial service; nobody to sing his praises for what he accomplished or what he gave.

When I die, I have decided I just want to hear someone say, “Look, he’s moving.”  LOL.  Seriously…I hope that the footprint I leave is one of love and grace, and that I gave God my best.  None of us know when our ticket will be punched for the last time.

Live today like it was your last.  More people are watching than you realize.  Forgive others.  Forgive yourself.  Be a giver not a taker.  Leave a legacy of love and laughter.  Give people grace and mercy.  You get to choose what people will say about you.  What will be on your tombstone?


Dan Skognes

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