It’s All Good

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Have you noticed that when someone says, “It’s all good,” it is usually them minimizing something bad that has happened to them? I have the same issue with people who say, “It is what it is.” That is not really true either. When I hear someone say, “It’s all good,” now I just ask them, “How so?” Rarely is it ALL good. When someone says, “It is what it is,” I simply reply, “It is what we make it.” We always have a choice on how we play the cards we’ve been dealt.

I encourage folks to confront their fears, their pains, and their failures. Nobody likes confronting these things. One thing I know for sure is that pain will have a way of surfacing whether we like it or not. You can avoid it or deny it, but sooner or later it will manifest itself. It is like people who stuff their anger. Eventually they erupt and spew on anyone within shouting distance, or worse, they have a heart attack and die. Either way…it does come out at some point.

Face your fears with faith.

Face your pain with hope.

Face your failures with forgiveness.

Above all, let love be your strength, your shield, and your compass. We just have to have the courage to face it.


Daniel Skognes

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