This is not a discussion on money. This is about life. It seems that many people become lazy in life after they have made an initial investment. We should not take for granted that life will turn out great if we don’t continue to invest in the things and people that we once thought important to us. Here are a few examples:

  • Invest in yourself. If you don’t get proper rest, exercise, eat right, and have balance in your activities, how do you expect to be happy? Investing in yourself is not selfish, it is for your own sanity. You will be no good to yourself or anyone else if you don’t continue to invest in yourself. Don’t let your body go. Stretch your mind. Grow your faith. Make getting in shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually a priority (if it isn’t already).
  • Invest in your marriage or relationship with a significant other. Take time to let that person know that they are important to you, and do it daily. Send them love letters. Call them for no reason other than to let them know you love them. Don’t let that relationship become mundane or worse. It takes work to keep any relationship alive. There is an old saying, “It takes two to Tango.” That is especially true in relationships. You both have to invest in each other. Make daily deposits of love, encouragement, and communication.
  • Invest in your friendships. You should have a few friends that are close to you that love you for who you are and don’t judge you. They just love you. They know when to hold you accountable, when to encourage you, and when to reprimand you. They are great listeners and will take your call 24/7. They are there in the good and the bad times. They know that you are there for them as well. It goes both ways. While you can have close friends from both sexes, I personally feel you need to have a few close friends of your own sex. There are some things that only guys will get, and certain things that only ladies will get. Share things appropriately…particularly if you are married.
  • Invest in your work. Are you giving everything you have on a daily basis, or have you gone into cruise control? It you aren’t growing on a daily basis, you are going to find yourself disenchanted and looking for a different career. Find ways to challenge yourself daily, and don’t go to work Monday thinking about Friday. You will miss a lot of blessings if you take the lazy way out.

Investing in life has some parallels to finances in that:

  • You need to know the risks involved.
  • You should count the cost of investing.
  • You should never underestimate the time required to reach your goal.
  • You should understand the power of compound interest.

Investing in life will pay lifetime dividends if you continue to invest in yourself, your relationships, and your work. Happy investing.


Dan Skognes

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  1. Joyce bell says:

    I need to talk with and share some time with

  2. Angie says:

    Lots of great points, Dan! Love your message!

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