Invest In Children

Children are one of the most precious assets we have on the earth. The thing that constantly amazes me is how some people just don’t get kids. They are evolving little people who can help you, encourage you, and teach you. They are our future generations.

Today I had a lady say how amazed she was that I did cafeteria duty every day. She said, “I don’t know how you do it.” LOL. To be honest, cafeteria duty in school is not exactly preferred duty. Nobody is standing in line waiting for their opportunity to serve there.

I told her that I did not look at it that way. I love kids. I love helping them and serving them. It is a mindset that most people cannot grasp. Teachers get it. They understand that what they are doing has lifelong implications for the kids, for parents, and for society.

If I could wave a magic wand and have parents do just one thing, it would be for them to invest in their kids. I see kids every day that have “attitude.” I know this is part of growing up, but some of these kids are older and should at least know the basics of respecting others.

Today I had a young man that was totally oblivious to respecting others or even himself. When I asked him why he was breaking the rules, any guesses as to what he said? “Everyone else is doing it. Why are you picking on me?” Wow. I pointed out to him that he was responsible for the choices he made. I asked him why he continued to make decisions that got him in trouble for breaking the rules…and he just shrugged. No remorse, just attitude. Very sad…but if he does not change, he will find out the hard way that life is not going to greet him and his disrespect with open arms.

If you are a parent, please invest in your kids. Kids spell love “TIME.” When you invest time in a child, they know you care. They know they are important. They know that you have their back. The at risk kids are usually the ones that are on their own. Pray for them…and for the teachers who are trying desperately to help them find their way.


Dan Skognes

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