I Call You Friend

David HullYou are very fortunate if you have a friend that sticks with you for life.  Many “friends” have come and gone, but there is one guy in my life that has been a true friend for over 30 years.  He started out as a client of mine when I was in the medical field.  David Hull was the Material Manager of Mary Shiels Hospital in Dallas, and I was calling on him as a salesman for a local medical supplier.

There was something unique about David.  The first time I called on him it was evident that he was different from most of the customers I had called on.  We just clicked.  We talked a lot about things that really mattered and it was pretty much in this order: God, family, life…..and of course, business.

It became evident to us both that we would be friends.  We started grabbing lunch regularly and Big Al’s BBQ became our favorite restaurant.  Tuesday was rib day, and inevitably one of us would call the other to remind them that it was rib day…and Big Al was calling us.

David has taught me several things that are incredibly important in life:

  1. Keep the Lord first and foremost in all you do.  Love Him with all your heart, and trust Him for all you needs. Sometimes we have to be reminded of that.  Thanks for being my reminder, David.
  2. Our God is a God of mercy and grace.  Even when life blows up in our face, He is there with us, and He is for us. Thanks for helping me through the storms I have been through.
  3. Friendship has to be intentional.  If you want relationship with anyone, you have to work it at, appreciate it, and give of yourself unselfishly. Thanks for being intentional and continually sowing into my life.
  4. What we do for a living does not define who we are.  When we fail at something that does not mean we are a failure.  It means we are human. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. When you love someone, if you really love them, it is unconditional and is not affected when life hands you a curve.  David’s love for his wife is so tender and giving.  I know when she had her stoke, it was not what either one of them wanted or expected…but he has stood by her and loved her through it. Thanks for being an example.
  6. David is a prayer warrior.  I have a few of these in my life, but David and I go way back….so he is the chief warrior when I need prayer. I know when he says that he is going to pray for me, it is not lip service. I know is on his knees right then and there lifting me up…and visa-versa if he has a need…I do the same for him. Thanks for having my back.
  7. Friendship is to be cherished.  Life is tough at times and to have someone like David to talk to, pray with, laugh, and cry…that is priceless. Thanks for sharing life with me.

The Bible talks about a friend that sticks closer than a Brother.  That is you, David. I love you and thank God for that divine appointment over 30 years ago. May the Lord bless and keep you.  May His face shine upon you.  May He guide you in all you do, and return to you a thousand-fold the blessings you have been to me.


Dan Skognes

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