How To Lose A Client In 10 Easy Steps

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You Can’t Blame Someone For Walking Away If You Didn’t Do Anything To Make Them Stay

Step  1.  Lie to the customer.  That is probably the easiest way to alienate a client.

Step  2. Take your customer for granted.  Assume they will be your customer for life even if you never talk to them after the initial sale.

Step  3. Bad mouth your competitors.  That never goes over well and only diminishes you in the eyes of your client.

Step  4. Make your client wait for YOU.  After all it is all about YOU, right? Keep the client waiting and don’t follow up in the time frame that you committed to.

Step  5. Don’t follow up on your client’s questions and concerns.  This will let them know that you really don’t care about them.

Step  6. Promise things to your client that you know you can’t deliver. This will buy you time, but it always catches up with you.

Step  7. Don’t know what you are talking about, and never admit that you don’t know the answers.  Tell them what they want to hear…the truth is irrelevant.  Right?

Step  8. Go for the close before you have established relationship.  That makes a lot of sense, don’t you think?

Step  9. Make the client feel stupid for asking questions.  After all, YOU are the expert.

Step 10.Try to pressure the client into making a decision.  If they don’t like and trust you….forget about it.

I know there are probably a thousand ways that we can lose a client, but these are some pretty easy things to fix.  Clients are a lot more savvy than we give them credit for.  Be humble. Be a servant.  Be the person that your client is praising to all of their friends.  By the way, people are more apt to tell their friends about a bad experience than a good experience.  So when you have mistreated your client, guess what?  They probably told ten of their friends what you did or did not do. 

My hope is that you make every effort to put the client’s needs first and foremost.  If you do that, the rest of those problems just go away.  It is all about serving others…not self.  Let customers know that you value them as clients….mean it, and show them that you mean it.  Seeing is believing.


Dan Skognes

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  1. Bruce Gamiere says:

    Great advice.

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