High Five

High Five dan skognes motivation blogger speaker teacher trainer coach educatorThere are many unwritten rules which apply to school children. Here a couple of them to help you get acclimated quickly if you are a teacher or a substitute:

  1. You have to understand high five. The unwritten rule is, if you give one kid a high five, then you have to be willing to give everyone around a high five. Picture this: I was recently standing in front of a class room where I was subbing. The morning bell rang and several hundred students started flooding into the halls. One kid that knew me from a previous day I had taught there saw me and immediately came over to give me a quick hug. The next student that knew me wanted a high five. Then it was GAME ON.  Every other kid coming my way was coming by for a high five. There is always at least one kid who wants to send your hand to the moon. He tries to slap you so hard you will hear the sound reverberate throughout the halls. I saw the kid coming towards me; his face was contorted with determination.  He drew his hand back like a major league pitcher and swung at my hand with everything in him. At the last possible second, I moved my hand back and said, “Too slow!”  Everyone laughed and he knew I was on to his game. I saved my hand and he learned a lesson.  LOL.
  2. The next rule is, never sit in the “special chair” without permission.  I was subbing in first grade and had come in to relieve the teacher so she could go to her meeting. I did not get to introduce myself to the class. They were working on a project, so I quietly went to sit at the teacher’s desk. The next thing I know there is a young boy staring me in the eyes and he asks, “Are you supposed to be sitting in THAT chair???” I smiled at him and said, “Yes I am. I am the teacher!” You could hear the class simultaneously chatter: “Ohhhh, I TOLD you he was the teacher!”  LOL.  I told them, “The good news is, I am the teacher and I can sit wherever I want!”  With that, order was restored and all was well with the world.  I had not broken one of the sacred unwritten commandments.

I do want to give a high five to all of the folks at Silver Lake Elementary. Thanks for making me feel like part of the family.  One of the teachers saw me in the teacher’s lounge and said, “Welcome! It’s always a good day when Mr. Dan is here.” I felt like shouting out, “Group hug!”  LOL. There is a spirit of love, support, and cooperation that is incredibly warming. I can see why teachers want to teach here, and kids love going to school here. High five to the Principal, Asst. Principal, front office staff, teachers, and support folks.  Subbing can be a thankless job, but at your school, it is fun and exciting.

When I have coached people about their careers, I ask, “What would you do if money were no object? Once you figure out what that is, pursue it with everything you have.” That is why I do what I do.  I love it.


Dan Skognes

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