Hide and Seek, Seek and Find

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When we were kids, we played the game of Hide and Seek.  As we grew older, we realized that the seeking and finding part were applicable to many things in life.  Here are just a few truths I have found:

  • Seek joy, not happiness.  Happiness is circumstantial. It comes and goes. Joy lasts.
  • Seek peace in the storm not just peace from the storm.  We are going to have storms in life.  They are inevitable.  To be at peace in the storm is having the peace that passes understanding.
  • Seek love, not lust.  Love gives, nurtures, and grows.  Lust takes, kills, and destroys relationships.
  • Seek your passion in life, not money.  Find your passion, do it with all your heart, and the money will follow.
  • Seek humility, not pride.  Pride goes before the fall.  Humility brings out the best in everyone.
  • Seek God, not gods.  There is one God.  Seek to serve Him first and foremost.
  • Seek relationships, not isolation.  We need each other and everyone has special gifts and talents that are unique to them.
  • Seek great, not just good.  Don’t settle for mediocre when there is something better for you if you are patient and persistent.
  • Seek understanding, not the need to be right.  You can be right all the time, or you can have relationships.  Your choice.
  • Seek to laugh at yourself, not at others.  Others won’t think it so funny when you laugh at them (unless they are a comedian, in which case, they hope you laugh at them).
  • Seek to win, not lose.  Even in losing you can win if you learn the lesson.
  • Seek to give grace to others, not judgment.  Who does not need a little grace given to them?  We all have enough judgment.

My hope is that we seek a higher road than we have previously traveled.  What you find on the high road will be rewarding to you and a blessing to others.


Dan Skognes

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