Guilt Trips

Guilt Trips

Have you taken a guilt trip lately?  Perhaps you or someone you know are a travel agent for guilt trips.  You love to send other people on guilt trips.  Guilt is married to shame.  They go hand in hand.  “You should feel guilty for what you did to me.  Shame on you!”

Guilt and shame are the children of the Devil.  You may roll your eyes at that and think that is ridiculous.  You may not even believe in a literal Devil, but I can tell you first hand that I have experienced demonic warfare against myself, my family, and my business.  I know that I have dealt with people who were under demonic influence. It is real, whether you believe it or not.  Guilt and shame are always part of that family.

There are people that I have seen personally that have been totally controlled by evil.  You can probably think of some people you know.  Certainly history is filled with them:  Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson, terrorists, people that have no conscience, etc., etc.

I know that guilt and shame are not from God.  He is just the opposite.  He loves, forgives, and restores relationships. Think about this, if the Devil can make you feel guilty for what you did or did not do, he has put a wedge between you and God.  If he does nothing more than keep you in the chains of guilt and shame, he knows you will not fulfill your God-given destiny.  How could you?  If you are in bondage, you will miss your purpose in life.

That is why we have to be willing to admit our faults and be willing to forgive.  We have to forgive ourselves as well as others.  If we don’t forgive, guilt and shame are literally invited into our lives.

When they take root, they give birth to bitterness.  Bitterness is an ugly root that has a way of twisting how we think and how we feel.  Bitterness causes us to drink poison and think it is hurting someone else.

How do you quit taking guilt trips or sending others on them?

Step 1.  Don’t pack your bags for the trip.  When someone tries to send you on a guilt trip, call them on it and refuse to go.  And for Pete’s sake, don’t you be the travel agent trying to send anyone else on a guilt trip.  If you do, shame on YOU.  Don’t forget, they go hand in hand.

Step 2.  Learn the freedom of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is like taking a 100 lb. backpack off of your shoulders and letting it go for good.  Can you imagine the physical and emotional freedom THAT will bring?  Stress is directly tied to unforgiveness. Do you really want to live stressed out?

Step 3.  Learn to give love instead of giving guilt.  Love heals, guilt makes you sick.  Love attracts, guilt repels.  Love is from God, guilt is from the Devil.

My hope is that you cancel any guilt trip you are currently on, and seek an immediate refund (forgiveness).  Please quit sending people on guilt trips.  They may not come back. Here is to living guilt-free. It begins with understanding who God is and letting go of all that is between you and Him.

When we admit we can’t do this crazy thing called life on our own, that is the first baby step into having a right relationship with God.  Jesus is the travel agent we need to hook up with.  He not only has the “golden ticket,” He IS the “golden ticket.” Think of God as the conductor on the train of Life.  He is calling, “All aboard!”  It is up to you to get your ticket (through Jesus) and get on board.  THAT is the trip of a lifetime.  I hope to see you onboard.


Dan Skognes

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