Got Mootivation?

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Remember the milk ads that had the milk mustache on famous people with the tag line, “Got Milk?”  It was a brilliant ad campaign that they literally milked for all it was worth.  Sorry…I know you are rolling your eyes.

I love advertising.  In fact, I may have missed my calling because I get crazy ideas that stick in your mind.  Tag lines just come to me….like “Got Mootivation?”  I picture Emmitt Smith with a milk mustache.  Michael Jordan.  Tiger Woods.  Tom Brady.  Michael Phelps. The list goes on and on.

Every famous athlete you can think of has one thing in common.  They are motivated people.  They have set their goals, gone through extensive training and coaching, and then put their blood, sweat, and tears into achieving it. They are focused.  They are driven.  What motivates them to achieve things that the ordinary Joe seems to fall short of?  How are they able to do seemingly super-human feats?

Well, being an athlete myself (NOT), I know that some people are born with natural ability.  Some people have the physical makeup to excel.  But just because you are physically able does not mean you are going to be motivated.  You can probably think of hundreds of physically able people that are not motivated.  So why do some choose to excel, and some apparently choose to fail?

I think it is pretty simple.  It is a four letter word that about half of our country shuns.  It is called “work.”  People are not motivated to work for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they are lazy, sometimes they fear failure, and sometimes they fear success.  Work is hard at times, because we often don’t see the end results right away, and when we don’t get instant rewards, we give up on the dream.  That is more than sad.  It is tragic.    Think of the great things that would be accomplished every day if people would just go to work and not quit.  I have to believe we would have a lot less crime, less single parent homes, less unemployment, less frustration, less anger, less depression, less suicide.

That would be a pretty good world, wouldn’t it?  So, will you do your part?  Will you go to work?  Will you not quit?  My hope is that you “Get Mootivated.”  For some reason, I have an overwhelming desire for a glass of milk.  Hmmmm….go figure.


Dan Skognes

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