Fork In The Road

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We have all come to a fork in the road at some point in our lives.  Sometimes it is literal and sometimes it is figuratively speaking.  Either way some things are common.

Principle 1.  When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Don’t sit there like a bump on a log. Make a decision.  It is ok and natural to think first and figure out which is the better option, but don’t think so long that you miss the opportunity, hold up traffic, or worse, cause a wreck.  It is better to make a calculated guess than to do nothing.  If you are going to do nothing, please get off the road and out of everyone else’s way.  It is funny how often we realize that we need to take the other path as soon as we got on this one.  For some reason, making the wrong decision can clarify the right one very quickly.

Principle 2.  Forks in the road should be anticipated.  Every highway and every relationship eventually comes to one.  If you anticipate them, you can at least be prepared for the delays that might be encountered, and pre-think your responses.

Principle 3.  Forks in the road are easier to navigate it you have a GPS.  In my car, I don’t go anywhere without one.  I have a female voice on my GPS, because it is like having my wife with me, telling me which way to go.  LOL.  Just teasing Honey. You are the best, and you know it.  In my relationships, I use God’s Positioning System.  I rely heavily on His helping me know what to do when I encounter a fork in the relationship.  The key to a GPS, make sure you have it plugged in, then make sure you listen to it.  It does no good in your glove compartment or if the volume is turned down so low you can’t hear it.  Same thing with God.  You have to be plugged in to Him and able to hear His voice.  Then you simply have to trust what He tells you to do.  How simple is that?

I have taken the wrong road in life so many times, I’ve lost count, but one thing I can tell you for sure and that I know for a fact, God is definitely more accurate and reliable than the GPS on my car.  He knows the paths that are best for us. It is up to us whether we want to go our way or His way.  I can tell you from experience…much of it very painful, that going my way is not the best way.

So is it God’s Way or the My Way for you?  The good news is you get to choose.  I hope that you choose the path of blessings, grace, love, peace, and hope.  That, in case you missed it, is God’s Way.


Dan Skognes

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