Finding Your Niche

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Isn’t that what everyone on the planet is searching for?  Where do I fit in?  What am I here for?  How do I fulfill my destiny?

The answer to a seemingly complicated issue may be simpler than you think.  Finding your niche is simply identifying and utilizing your God-given talents.  Every one of us has gifts that make us unique.  I know that I have the gift of administration, encouragement, a sense of humor, giving, and the gift of creative writing.  I thought I had the gift of dancing, but my wife said, “Not!”  LOL.

How can you know what YOUR gifts are?  Several ways:

  • Go online and take a Strengths Finder test.  There are many companies that help you identify your talents, but Strengths Finder is one of the more reputable and accurate ones.

I have taken several personality and talent tests, and they all come back highlighting the same areas of strengths for me.  That is just another good indication that these are indeed gifts to be used.

  • What is it that you do really well?  What makes you come alive when you do it?  Whatever it is, this is a gift that you need to be exercising regularly.
  • What do you do that gets affirmation from friends, family, and even strangers?  That also should show you that you need to be doing more of whatever “that” is.

If I said Michael Jordan, George Washington, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, or Jesus….just to name a few famous people, you would probably have no problem identifying their niche….the thing or things they were (or are) really good at; but what about you and me?  We don’t have to be famous to have the opportunity to change the world!  What you do with your life matters.  Find your niche, use it, and come alive.  Bless others with your gifts, and fulfill your God-given destiny.

Don’t allow mediocrity, laziness, or fear to hold you back from using your gifts. Your life will never have its full impact until you unpack your gifts. Your gifts were not meant to be kept to yourself. Your destiny awaits you….and you get to choose the outcome.  I pray you run into the fullness of what God has intended for you.  Expect delays and obstacles…that is part of the character building we all have to endure to reach the finish line.  But run with joy, with perseverance and hope, while always trusting God along the way.  The human race awaits your participation.


Dan Skognes

2 Responses to “Finding Your Niche”

  1. Ed Funderburk says:

    Good morning, Dan — This is a good “day starter” … a practical reminder of the fact that we are all uniquely wired by God to make a difference. Like you, I am administrative, an encourager, I love to give, and I cannot dance. 🙂

    I pray you are well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Have a wonderful day! Ed Funderburk

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